More Designer Devotions

Try these ideas for creating a meaningful devotional time that's perfect for you.

* Rewrite Bible stories from different perspectives. For instance, write as if you were the baker who baked the bread for the little boy's lunch that fed the 5,000, or Esther's maidservant, or the innkeeper's wife at Jesus' birth.
* Use scriptures to inspire your own poetry. Explore different poetry styles, such as limerick, haiku, or sonnet. Rewrite psalms and parables for today's culture.
* Write a drama sketch that illustrates what you are studying.
* Keep a spiritual journal about your Bible-study experiences.

* Create a poster that illustrates the key point of the Bible passages you are studying.
* Create cartoons to illustrate some of the proverbs.
* Design a book of Bible verses for a friend, and illustrate them with your artwork.
* Create a simple collage or sculpture to express your response to the scriptures you are studying.

Interior Design
* Create mini-displays that illustrate a topic, such as a collection of items that illustrate God's love or His promises. You might place them on a tray or in a basket with labels that say how each object illustrates your theme.
* Together with your family, create a special biblical place in your home. For example, the sofa can become a Noah's ark for your children's toy animals, or you can create a throne room for a king or a tent in the desert or a carpenter's workshop. Work together, using things around the house, and read and talk about the Bible story as you create the effect.

* Sew a quilt together as you fellowship with others. Create different panels for the quilt based on different Bible verses, Bible promises, or Bible stories, such as a quilt of different angels with angel texts or love texts around patchwork hearts.
* Cross-stitch a special Bible verse.
* Create cards around the themes of different texts, and send them to people who may need encouragement.
* Create a minicollage that illustrates a Bible story or text, such as the days of Creation or the parable of the lost sheep.
* Make inspirational gifts around the theme of a text; you can give them away or sell them to raise funds for an ADRA project.
* Create a scripture scrapbook or album of your devotional life, decorating the pages in scrapbook style.

* Choose music that fits the mood of a particular text, such as Psalm 23.
* Write new songs based on the scripture themes you are studying.
* Write a mini-musical about a Bible character for the children in your church to perform.
* Use your instruments to create a sound track for a portion of scripture.

* Create PowerPoint presentations of different scriptures, using animations, photo images, music, and words.
* Explore Web sites that focus on inspirational crafts, nature, Christian topics, history and geography of the Holy Land, devotionals, and Christian PowerPoint presentations.
* Use your graphics programs to create bookmarks, encouraging booklets, cards, inspirational calendars, and posters.

Give It All
Jesus said, " 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength' " (Mark 12:30).

With all my heart:
How can my Bible study develop my understanding of God's love?
What has God given me a passion for?
What relationships are important to me?

With all my soul (and mind):
What is my learning style?
What spiritual and biblical things am I curious about?
What are my hobbies and interests?

With all my strength (and my strengths):
What are my spiritual gifts?
What are my talents?
What can I do physically?

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