Advertising Rates

Black &white1x2x4x6x
Full page$900$855$810$765
1/2 page540513486459
1/3 page405385365344
1/4 page315299284268
Cover 4$1,820$1,729$1,638$1,547
Cover 31,5401,4631,3861,309
Cover 21,6801,5961,5121,428
Full page1,4001,3301,2601,190
1/2 page840798756714
1/3 page630599567536
1/4 page490466441417

Frequency discount
The number of adds purchased within a 12-month period determines rate.

Stitched Center Inserts
$2,550 for up to 4 pages, 45-60lb. Paper. Call for prices if paper weight is over 60 lbs. or insert is over 4 pages. Price includes an envelope.

Inserts may be furnished by the advertiser or may be designed and printed at the Review and Herald for an additional charge.

Dated Material

Extra bindery time will be needed if you want to add an envelope to your insert. If your insert is time sensitive or includes dated material, please be aware that the magazine's issue date does not necessarily correspond with the delivery date.

IssueClosingAds Due

Mechanical Requirements:

Size (in inches)Dimensions (width x height)
Covers and full page6.687" x 9.250"
1/2 page vertical4.437" x 7.00"
1/2 page horizontal6.687" x 4.500"
1/3 page vertical2.125" x 9.250"
1/3 page square4.437" x 4.500"
1/4 page square4.437" x 3.250"

Publication trim size: 8.125" x 10.625"

Type area: 6.687" x 9.250"

Bleeds are available on full pages. Finish trim size 8.125" x 10.625". Bleeds must extend 1/4" from trim. No additional charge for bleeds.

Disk requirements
Ads arriving on disk should be saved as Adobe PDF certified for CMYK printing. The PDF/X1a:2001 is a good model to follow. All 4-color ads should be set up to print as process colors. A laser proof must be provided to ensure accuracy of output.

CDs are preferred. However, electronic transfers are accepted. For further information view our Web site at www.rhpa.org.askabout/specifications.asp.

Size Requirements
All advertisements must conform to our regular schedule of advertising sizes. Advertisements needing adjustments of any kind will be subject to production charges. Ads must be exactly siezed. (See above requirements.)

Contract regulations

Printing specifications
WOMEN OF SPIRIT is printed on a web offset press. For best color reproductions of four-color ads, provide chromalins made with tones that match AAAA/MPA inks. WOMEN OF SPIRIT is printed on 50-pound No. 5 coated paper. For best color match, the same type paper should be used for proofing.

All ads must be approved by the WOMEN OF SPIRIT ad committee before acceptance of insertion order.

The editors of Women of Spirit reserve the right, at any time and for any reason, to reject advertising or to cease to publish previously accepted advertising without rate penalty to the advertiser.

Cancellations will not be accepted after the closing date. Reserved space not canceled by the closing date will be billed to the advertiser whether used or not.

Late material
Advertisements not received by the ad due date will be subject to a $50 penalty.

Agency discount
A 15 percent agency discount is applied to negative-ready material meeting exact size specifications that is received by the deadline. Agency discounts are subject to revocation if payment is not received 30 days after date of invoice.

No agency discount is allowed on ads involving production work.

Change of copy
If a new ad is not received by the ad due date, the last ad published will be inserted.

New advertisers are required to establish credit by sending full payment with the first order.

Payment is due within 30 days of invoice date. Any balance due after 30 days will incur a late fee of 1.5 percent per month until full payment is received. The advertiser will be responsible for any outstanding bill not paid by agency.

Liability of error
The publisher's liability for error will not exceed the cost of the space.

Simulated editorial content
All advertising simulat content must be headed with the notation "Advertisement."

In consideration of the publication of an ad, the advertiser and/or agency will hold harmless and fully indemnify the publisher and the Seventh-day Adventist Chruch, and all the officers and employees of these organizations, from and against all claims, demands, suits, actions, expenses (including legal fees), and losses resulting from the publication of any advertisement, including, but not limited to, claims or suits for libel, invasion of privacy, copyright or trademark infringement, or plagiarism.

Mailing instructions
Address all contracts, insertion orders, copy, correspondence, and reproduction materials to:

Genia Blumenberg
Ad Sales Department
Review and Herald Publishing Association
55 Web Oak Ridge Drive
Hagerstown, MD 21740

Phone: 301/393-3170
Fax: 301/393-3209
Email: gblumenberg@rhpa.org

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