Ten Ways to Spice Up Your Marriage

by Barbara and Dennis Rainey

  1. Write him/her a love poem telling him/her where you're taking him/her on a date; then cut it up into puzzle pieces and have him/her put it together.

  2. Take him/her out for coffee and dessert at an old-time cafe in a nearby country town.

  3. Take him on a shopping trip to a discrete lingerie shop and ask him to pick out an outfit he would like to see you in; then buy it and wear it that evening.

  4. Rent a romantic video and cuddle. (Don't forget the popcorn!)

  5. Take your husband/wife to the church where you were married and have a picnic lunch on the church steps or lawn.

  6. Surprise her by coming home from a business trip a day earlier than she expects, then spend the day with her.

  7. Rent a room in a local hotel for two or three hours and have dinner via room service.

  8. Record a tape of love thoughts from you and put it in the cassette player of his car so it will play when he starts his car.

  9. Give him a gift certificate to his favorite store and design a date using what he buys with it.

  10. Court her again by recreating something fun you did when you first dated one another.

Barbara and Dennis Rainey, of FamilyLife, have authored numerous books on marriage, including their most recent release, Rekindling the Romance.

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