Homeschooling on a Budget

Tips for Saving Money

Debra Banks, who homeschools three children on a budget, offers these tips for saving money:

1. Buy used books. There are all kinds of homeschooling sites on the Internet where you can buy gently-used homeschooling books. I also try to buy used books from other families with older children.
2. Skip the workbook. I buy the teacher?s edition and the curriculum, and instead of using workbooks, I look over the curriculum and see what?s covered for the day. Then I have my kids do some of the work on paper so I have something to show the state. But they also use manipulatives (such as counting beans, money, blocks, etc.), write on the eraser board, and write on blank paper. I also get inexpensive workbooks from Wal-Mart and Sam?s Club, and if I have to do an errand, my kids do these workbooks as practice pages while we wait for a doctor?s appointment or something.
3. Utilize the Internet. There?s a great site called lessonplanet.com, which has all kinds of thematic units, many of them free. And sometimes teachers will post what they?ve done with their classes. I simply search under a theme I want to teach, such as the solar system or optical illusions. I also download the free Bible studies on www.amazingfacts.org and use these for Bible class.

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