Speaking of Joshua - Pictures

Flour Mess
This photo is precious to us because of the story behind it. It was taken on February 17, 2003?just a few weeks before the fatal accident. I was making lunch and had just thought to myself how nicely Joshua was playing by himself (he was such a people person that he almost always wanted somebody?s attention) when I looked into the family room and saw him covered with white powder. Upon closer investigation, I discovered that the reason he had been playing so quietly was that he had taken a box of cornstarch from the pantry and was merrily decorating the carpet with its contents while I cooked! This photo shows him looking at me very seriously, wondering if I would scold him for the mess. I thought about it for an instant, but then I remembered that it was popular when I was a little girl to buy cornstarch-based carpet freshener, and breathed a sigh of relief that he had chosen something so harmless! So instead of reprimanding him, I grabbed my camera and laughed as I took photos of him sitting, and eventually dancing, in his ?artwork.? Looking back now, I?m so glad that I opted for photos over a lecture. It?s easy to get frustrated at the messes our kids make, sometimes several times a day!

Joshua in Fire Truck
This photo of Joshua was taken on February 28, 2003, just four days before his death. We were vacationing in Southern California when he saw this fire truck stroller at the Riverside Galleria mall and couldn?t resist the urge to jump inside. Joshua loved trucks, tractors, trains?just about anything with wheels. One of his first attempts at putting two words together was the phrase ?giant loader,? referring to a picture in one of his favorite books about large trucks. I have a storage tote filled with Joshua?s most prized possessions, and in it is a ?My First Words? lift-a-flap book about fire trucks. Several of the flaps are nearly worn out!

Andrew Wearing Hat
This photo of Andrew was taken on our spring vacation to Colonial Williamsburg. It was taken on April 4, 2005?two years and one month after his big brother, Joshua, died. Andrew is his own little person, different in many ways from his brother. Yet every day he does at least one thing that reminds me of Joshua. People often ask if I wish I?d had a little girl instead of another boy, but I don?t. Andrew has helped to bring back many more wonderful memories of Joshua?s baby days that I might not have remembered if we had not been blessed with another child.

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