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Lessons From an Internet Bride
I met my husband at a Christian singles' site on the Internet.

You Don't Say
Consider these five questions before you open your mouth.

The Heart of the Matter
Sometimes it's hard to see beyond a young person's appearance and attitude.

What Jesus Did For Women
He changed the world forever--especially for you and me.

Someday She'll Know You
My mother began to forget little things, and then bigger things.

Look What Your Kid Dragged Home
What to do when you don?t like your children?s friends

Danger House
There's something we don't tell overnight guests at our house: we have lots of spiders.

I'll Be Home Alone For Christmas . . ."
What to do when the holidays leave you feeling sad, lonely, or left out.

Favorite Child
Are you your parents' favorite child—or is someone else?

Happy Ending
We can get excited about the future

Beneath the Surface
A dermatology specialist reveals the truth about skin-care products

Attack of the Control Freaks
How to defend yourself and avoid becoming one

Facebook Friends
It?s all the rage online. Many of your relatives, friends, former classmates, and workmates are there. Should you be, too?

Mother's Treasure Chest
Even Jesus? mother discovered that part of being a mom is storing treasure.

Take a Good, Long Look
Martha was too scared to face the rejection she?d felt her whole life.

Your Meat Eating Man
What if you want to go vegetarian but your husband (or the rest of the family) doesn?t?

Laid Off
What happens when the primary breadwinner in a family is out of work?

The ABCs of Vitamin D
Numerous health issues?from fibromyalgia to arthritis to osteoporosis?have been linked to vitamin D deficiency.

Mourning Mom
She had always been there for them?and now they would be there for her.

Value Vintage
How to use objects from the past to enhance your home and your life

The Wedding Dress
Could I leave behind my dreams to make another's dream come true?

Three Reasons I Cut the Cable
How you can, too.

Blue Light Special
We?d been faithful to God, and now we desperately needed Him to come through for us.

Cheap Trust
Why you should trust no one but One.

They Never Said "I Love You"
Coming to terms with an unloving parent

You Are My Father
Something was missing in Kelly's life, and I'll never forget the day she found it.

Me and the Devil Dog
One girl's experience helps us all face our fears.

Clar's Sex Rant
Why I think sex outside of marriage is crazy, sick, and wrong.

How to Eat More and Weigh Less
You don't have to feel hungry in order to lose weight.

Women Under Cover
A look at how?and why?you should make modesty part of your style.

Wake Up!
Not a morning person? You can reset your body clock to become an early riser.

Wives' Top Complaints About Husbands
And the amazingly effective solutions!

Mouth Off
Do you like to talk? Then let's talk about our words.

Should Kids Diet?
About one out of every three children is overweight or at risk of becoming overweight. What should parents do about it?

Toxic Waist
That extra fat around your middle might be more than annoying. It might signal serious health risks.

The Corsage
I wanted a dream date-not William. I wanted a lovely, dainty flower-not this.

Vacations for Better or Worse
Even when things go wrong, vacations are worth taking.

Seven Signs That He's the One
If you want to know whether or not God wants you together, look for these signs (and be brutally honest with yourself).

Five Pain-Prone Personalities
If you're experiencing aches and pains, you probably have one of these personalities.

Help for Busy Moms
10 Ways to Keep God in your life, even when you're exhausted and distracted.

Hell? No.
Maybe if you committed every sin you saw on HBO, you would come close to deserving eternal hellfire.

Touching the Dark Side
Something inhuman was trying to communicate to me. Was it a spirit of the dead?or something else?

The Big Lie About When You Die
He told this whopper to Eve, and he's still telling it today.

10 Commandments of Dating
You might be surprised at what God?s Ten Commandments say about your dating life.

Protect Your Kids Online
7 tips you should know and practice

When He's Down and Out
What do you do when you find yourself caring for a loved one?

Conquer Clutter
Can you pass the "mess test"?

Out of the Broom Closet
Witchcraft is one of the fastest growing religions in the world. Here's a peek at what it's about.

Restless Children in Church
We have three children and I can hardly make it through church. What can I do?

On the Outs With the In-Laws
Can mothers-in law and daughters-in-law really get along?

Worried Sick
My mother made her self sick by worring. And I was headed down the same path.

Boredom-Busting Activities for Kids
Next time you hear "I'm bored" try one of these ideas.

Why Good Girls Choose Bad Boys
I was addicted to men - the wilder the better.

If Only I Were Pretty
Real women share how their lives were changed - or not - by plastic surgery.

Does Prayer Work
Why bother praying for people if it rarely seems to make any difference?

When Marriage is Miserable
You promised ?for better or for worse,? but what do you do when things go to ?worse?

The 3-Day Rejuvenation Plan
This program will slow you down enough to experience peace, rest, and a taste of balance.

Help the Host
Here are five ways you can help lighten the load when visiting in someone's home.

Grounds for Divorce
Abigail was in a bad marriage to a mean-spirited man. But she did the right thing-and lived "happily ever after."

Pull a Big Gift Out of a Tight Wallet
Short on cash? You can still give extravagant gifts if you follow these tips.

Ready, Set, Shop!
How to handle the battle of back-to-school shopping with your teenage daughter.

11 fire safety tips that just might save your life and your possessions.

Sit a Spell
In a rare moment of stillness, I realized the benefits of doing nothing.

"Please Pray"
I felt sorry for these people who were asking God for a miracle. They would just be disappointed, wouldn?t they?

Even You Can Have Family Worship
Sure, it's a good idea. But how do you get started?

Bless (and Hide) This Mess!
Sometimes you've just gotta come clean.

Peach Sorbet
With a little planning ahead and having the right ingredients on hand, healthy and tasty desserts can be ready in a hurry.

Me, Beautiful?
Sometimes it's hard for us to believe that there's anything pretty about us?and that Somone thinks we're absolutely perfect!

ADHS or Just Active?
Someone has suggested that your child may need medication. What do you do?

God: Good Cop or Bad Cop?
The conflict between justice and grace is not a new one.

Baby, Come Back
What happens when your sweet, innocent child grows up and makes choices that break your heart?

"I Haven't Slept in 96 Hours"
When stress keeps you up all night.

When You Don't Feel Like Reading the Bible
Renew your excitement in opening this personal letter from God.

I'm Always Tired
I just can't seem to get a good night's sleep.

Exotic People, Exotic Religions
You like to see their faces, but do you know what strange ideas are in their heads?

The 10 Worst Things to Say to a Grieving Person
Here is why some of the things people said to me after the loss of my son, Joshua, provided little comfort.

"You'll Fit Right in Here"
Somewhere a church is just waiting to welcome you.

Dorcus and Superwoman Syndrome
Ever feel burned-out, with nothing left to give? New life and new energy are possible. Just ask a woman named Dorcas.

Is Homeschool Right for You?
The number of homeschool students has shot up 30 percent in the past five years. Why are parents choosing this option?

From the Pros - How to Pack Light
What's there to know about packing a suitcase? You might be surprised.

The 12 Best Things My Mother Taught Me
My mother is an awesome teacher, says Glenda-Mae Greene. Here are a few of her most memorable teachings.

When Your Boss Asks You to Lie
I had a choice: be a liar, or be fired. Debra McKinney Banks tells how she was tempted to lie her way up the ladder.

"Sing For Me"
In a London children's hospital, Arthur A. Milward discovered that with teminally ill children, it is their spirit?not their suffering?that breaks your heart.

3 Times You Must Talk to Your Kids About Sex
Here are the times your children really need to have that awkward conversation with you.

Golden Vegetable Corncakes
Crispy. Delicious. Healthy. Bonnie Laing tells how to make this tasty vegan dish.

See our sharing quilt
It is something you want to touch. You want to feel the textures of the different pieces of fabric. You want to feel the puffy areas between the stitching. And then you want to run your fingers over the names.

Internet Dating at 20, 40, 60
Can God use the Internet to bring people together? These four couples, all happily married after meeting online, think He can--and does.

You Don't Eat Meat?
I've been asked that question almost as many times as I've eaten broccoli. But here are some reasons you too might want to be a vegetarian.

From China with Laughter

The Heartbeat of Forgiveness

I'm Not Y40 Compliant

Paying Mom Back

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