It's more than a magazine. It's a ministry.

Experience has shown that Women of Spirit readers are the most involved and loyal readers of any of the periodicals published by the Review and Herald. They find that it connects with their interests and meets their spiritual needs. They believe in the magazine so much that 38 percent of subscribers buy the magazine for friends and family members.

Women of Spirit features authors who have an ability to touch the heart: such authors as Kay Rizzo, June Strong, and Trudy Morgan-Cole. Readers can't avoid being drawn into articles such as "Pornography: My Husband's Secret Lover" and "Back in Sync With the In-laws."

The compassion and concern of the editors has helped them build a long-term relationship with their readers. Many subscribers have been with the magazine, since its first issue in 1995. They trust the magazine and their trust and respect carries over to the advertising you place in the magazine.

Subscribers who read the magazine cover to cover:
75 percent

Subscribers over the age of 55:
55 percent

Subscribers who attend church every week:
89 percent

Subscribers with children:
86 percent

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