Bonus Features

February-March 2009

Fundamental Belief-Tithing
Belief #21: Stewardship

Winter Salad
Bonus recipe

August-September 2008

Wake and Sleep Cycles
Evidence for an optimum cycle for waking and sleeping as well as details about the different stages of sleep.

Meeting Mr. Wonderful
Lori Peckham wrote her side of the story in the editorial for this issue. Now read her husband's side of the story.

April-May 2008

The Question
A longer version of the Georgene Haverstock poem on page 31.

Goal Chart for "Toxic Waist" Article
Detailed charts for setting target goals and making healthy lifestyle choices.

February-March 2008

Discuss Important Questions
Visit our forum to discuss questions about peer pressure and keeping the spark in marriage.

November-December 2007

10 Commandments of Dating (Expanded)
Clar Worley Sproul expands on Commandment 1

Web Safety
Lisa Saveikis Burrow, attorney, mom, and Associate General Counsel at the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, answers some questions about how she and her husband implement safe Internet use in their home.

May-June 2007

Cosmetic Surgery Resources
For more information, check out the following resources:

March-April 2007

Take the Quiz
Use the CREATION health self-assessment to help determine where you can focus more attention on your health.

January - February 2007

More Designer Devotions
Karen Holford expands on her article in the magazine by providing this list of creative ways to approach your personal devotions.

Adventist Colleges Abroad
Here's a detailed list of Adventist Colleges and student missionary opportunities.

January - February 2006

More Ways to See Your Days
Tamara shares some more pictures from her photo diary.

November - December 2005

Chili Cheese Squares
Just in case you're interested, here's the recipe that's mentioned in our "A Man's Mind" column.

September - October 2005

Speaking of Joshua - Pictures
More pictures of Joshua, from the touching story by Debra Hicks.

Milward Mansion
See the setting for the story, "Gypsy Girl."

The 411 on Hormone Therapy
Dr. Becky Wang-Chen gives a quick survey of estrogen therapies.

July - August 2005

One Woman's Diet Plan
Have you wondered why you can?t lose those extra pounds?or why you keep gaining them back? So did Carol.

Homeschooling Web Sites
Link to more information on homeschooling.

Books About Learning Styles
Two resources to help you understand your child's learning style.

Homeschooling on a Budget
Tips for saving money if you homeschool.

Extreme Husband Makeover
Snapshots show more of the process of Jerry's extreme makeover.

May - June 2005

My Sabbath Journey
Steve Case tells how the Sabbath rescued him from the rat race.

Ten Ways to Spice Up Your Marriage
Barbara and Dennis Rainey offer ten simple ideas for adding a little romance to your relationship.

Photos From the Children's Ward
The author's snapshots of the children and staff involved in the story "Sing for Me."

March - April 2005

Habit or Addiction?

What's the Difference?
Brain function specialist Arlene Taylor let's you know if it's just a habit--or something worse.

Dana C. Edmond Explains the Whole Boy-Girl Thing

The Mysteries of the Opposite Sex
Read the first chapter of his book on dating, sex, and relationships.

Lose Weight, Gain Energy

Diet Changes Everything
When the doctor said her husband had diabetes, our recipe author made some drastic changes.

Daddy and Ady

The Author and His Son
Pictures taken around the time of the story "I Told You So."

January - February 2005

Internet Dating at 20, 40, 60

Christian Dating Web Sites
Get the 411 on some dating Web sites for Christians.

Don't I Know You?
The internet brought Jon and Deea together...again.

"You Don't Eat Meat?"

Go Ahead, Ask Me
Author Rachel Whitaker says that when people find out that she's a vegetarian, they usually have lots of questions. Here's a typical conversation.

Pecan Tofu Meatballs
Our readers keep raving about this recipe that Rachel shared with her article.

Dead Silence

Bonus Photos
Photos show why Donna feels especially blessed to survive her experience.

September - October 2003

Well, after further investigation, the author discovered that little Jennifer Hanson was actually 27 months old when she said the Pledge of Allegiance. Still, you've got to listen to this.

Click to hear the pledge (Windows WAV file).

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